Why You Should Trim your Split Ends

Girl looking at damaged splitting ends of hair

Healthy hair takes a lot of dedication to achieve. One would need to adhere to a set care regimen and be consistent with it. However, failure to consider some minute details may deem all the work irrelevant.

Split ends can wreak havoc on your hair’s overall look. As such, trimming them is an integral part of keeping the hair in good shape. You should allow your stylist’s hairdressing scissors from Scissor Tech to regularly work on those split ends. Some of the effects they will have on your mane when not trimmed include:

Effect on Length

Split hairs do not stop the damage. They keep going and increasingly eat into your hair which restrains length gain. This makes it essential to have the split ends cut to allow your hair regain health and length.

Uneven Pigmentation

Due to their unhealthy nature, split ends have an uneven colouration. They are lighter and do not blend in with the overall look of your natural hair colour. They also tend to be dull and lifeless thus spoiling the shine. To attain a quality look and even out your hair colour, have your split ends trimmed.


Untrimmed ends are dry and brittle. It doesn’t matter how many resources you spend on them as they are irreparable. The only way to restore health to your hair is to get them trimmed.

While trimming split ends does not make hair grow faster, it helps in improving the health of your tresses and protects the ends from further damage.

Here are other steps you can take to minimise split ends:

  • Avoid over-styling your hair and only blow-dry or straighten when necessary.
  • Do not brush your wet hair since at that point it is fragile, weak and susceptible to breakage which increases the chances of split ends.
  • Moisturise your hair regularly and use sealant oils such as coconut and olive oil to retain moisture and protect your hair against dryness.

Trimming your split ends keeps your hair healthy, gives them a uniform look, and prevents further damage. Always talk to your stylist about scheduling regular trims.