Women’s Shoes Will Go Bright and Shiny in 2018

A fashionable woman walking on a street

Women’s fashion is not a fleeting trend. It is a cyclic wave going back and forth through the shelves of stores, with each iteration bringing a slight change. The 1960s psychedelic style of clothing also brought with it the popularity of new shoes. Wearing these same styles of shoes would not be out of place today.

However, today’s iteration of the same shoes, pumps, mules, and boots have slight differences from those of 50-60 years ago. These differences are distinct, recognizable, but almost indistinguishable from each other.

Bright Colors and Shiny Shoes

You can buy ladies’ shoes at your favorite store or online for the latest fashion. Shoe designs emulate one another. There are extremes in some shoes, and there are toned down instances in others. The silver or gold soccer shoes and basketball shoes worn by women are just a reflection of the bright colors and highlights of other shoes. Shiny silver sandals, pumps, and heels have always been a staple design for women, which they usually wear only on special occasions.

A Return to the 60s and 70s

The same is true of clothes, as they are of bags and shoes. During the 1960s, James Bond’s tie was described as fashionable but slightly thinner. The same style of necktie is again in fashion. Fashion designers have matched these slightly thin neckties with longer suits, and slightly looser pants. Twiggy was a fashion icon of the 1960s and her clothes would fit right in today’s modern sensibilities. The aesthetics of fashion realize that you can do many things with a piece of clothing.

Putting on the Bling

Shoe trends today tends toward flashy bling attachments. These range from shiny uppers and sequins on the heels to blinking LEDs as highlights. This is bright, shiny high fashion on the runways. Of course, it has been on the streets for some time now.

Like in most instances of fashion, there is a blur between influences. It may be said that expensive premium brands influence the rest of the world, but it is still the street designs, which first came out with these influences.