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Melt: the Art of Macaroni and Cheese isn’t your average, down-home mac and cheese book. We’re cooking with real cheeses, using pasta as a canvas for the inspired flavor combinations we’ve developed. Our dishes span a delicious spectrum, ranging from fresh, cheesy salads to hearty casseroles to creamy stovetop macs.

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Most of us grew up eating Kraft macaroni and cheese for dinner, savoring every bite of the creamy yellow sauce and tender elbow macaroni. We’re grownups now, and we decided that macaroni and cheese we grew up with needs a makeover. We’ve combined our nostalgia of the old-school dish with healthy, high-quality ingredients to produce recipes that are both classic and chic. Whether it’s taking some freshly pressed goats cheese and tossing it with tender spears of asparagus and a few lashings of lime juice, or melting some aged cheddar into a velvety béchamel, ours are dishes that comfort and intrigue. Check out our cookbook trailer for a peek:

Melt: the Art of Macaroni and Cheese – The Official Trailer from Stephanie/SJS on Vimeo.
Melt includes over 40 full-color macaroni and cheese photographs, shot by food photographer Matt Armendariz and styled by food stylist Adam Pearson. Besides being a functional cookbook, it is also a visual homage to our favorite dish. :)

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