Color, Cut, and Shape: How to Make Minimalist Streetwear Less Boring

Modern and fashionable clothing

Streetwear has mastered the proper mix of comfort and style. One of its primary components is minimalism. It presents a clean and sleek clothing design. But the tricky part is the ‘wow’ factor.

Skeptics argue that ‘less is more’ can be boring. But that isn’t the case. Styles for Less knows the power of a cute little top paired with the perfect bottom. With the right tips, one can stand out while being simple.

Minimalism Isn’t Just Black and White

There’s no rule in minimalism that requires you to stay monochrome. Adding one or two pops of color to your outfit is enough to turn heads. Mix and match using complementary and analogous colors.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, turn your wardrobe into a six-color scheme. Doing so will help you narrow your clothing choices and will make shopping for new clothes easier.

Using contrasting shades of one color is effective, too. Try wearing bold royal blue pumps to go with your jeans. Or how about complementing your pastel yellow blouse with a mustard yellow handbag?

Clean Cuts and Flattering Shapes

One of fashion’s rule of thumb — not only with minimalism and streetwear — is to wear pieces that fit your body well. Unconventional yet flattering cuts and shapes will add an edge to a simple piece of clothing.

One trick in minimalism is playing with geometry and asymmetry. Unusual necklines, sleeves, and hemlines can make a seemingly plain attire impressive. You can upgrade your basic tops to pieces with unique silhouettes. Go for skirts and pants that have sleek cuts but flow beautifully.

Minimalist streetwear doesn’t always mean “plain.” It’s about being creative without using too many elements. With the right colors and shapes, you can enjoy both the pleasure of simplicity and the luxury of comfort.