Your Windows Need TLC, Too

Opening the Blinds

Along with the doors, windows are decided as soon as you work on your home construction plan. Placement is important, so you can take advantage of the sun’s position to cool the house passively.

With their usefulness, it’s only right that you give them a bit of love and care. Peach Building Products outlines some of the things you can do for your windows.

Replace if Necessary

Have you ever seen a child try to use windows as monkey bars? Once or twice won’t harm your windows, but repeatedly, this could loosen them from their hinge and result in them not closing properly. That’s more than just an aesthetic issue for you; it’s also a security and energy issue. Windows that don’t close properly invite burglars in, and they may also lead to higher energy bills. Replace your windows if you notice that they have become uneven.


Homeowners in Utah love decorating their houses and show their personalities through their quirky furniture pieces. Don’t forget about the windows when you’re thinking of how to design a room. They’re immovable, but they lend plenty of elements to the room. The light they allow inside, paired with a curtain or other forms of window treatment, will update the look of your room without much effort. It doesn’t cost much to replace curtains, too.


What’s the use of having a beautiful house when you can’t keep it clean? Windows get dirty because of exposure to the elements, and you shouldn’t wait for the dust to be noticeable before cleaning them. A quick wipe every morning or afternoon can do wonders but don’t use just any cleaner unless you want them to look murky.

Windows are important features in your home, and they need special care and attention. Treat your windows right to reap the rewards.