A Great Way to Enjoy the Beautiful Costa Maya Port

Luxury Cruise Ship

Spending your summer in a cruise ship adventure to the Caribbean coast? Level up your experience by planning other exciting activities during your stopover to the region of Costa Maya. There are tons of things you could do and enjoy while visiting the area. From delectable dining, amazing beaches to exciting water sports, you certainly have endless of options.

To help plan out your trip, here’s a list of what you can do when you’re on a Costa Maya Port Cruise.

Revisit History at Chacchoben Ruins

Enjoy an educational excursion 3,000-year old Mayan ruins of Chacchoben. You’ll find massive platforms of rock buildings which are said to be a former village from way back. The surrounding jungle is also abundant in wildlife species ranging from deer, gray fox, armadillo to animals like jaguar, puma and tapir. You don’t have to worry about your safety as the local guides will ensure you’re out of harm’s way.

A Fishing Adventure at the Port Area

Know how it feels like to get your first catch by going on a fishing excursion in the port of Costa Maya. With its lengthy fishing heritage, it is no wonder why the region is known for providing the freshest and tastiest seafood in the world.

The locals provide fishing packages which could cover everything you will need, from the fishing rods, baits to licenses. You’re also allowed to cook your catch for an additional charge. A great way to indeed enjoy a good fishing adventure.

Enjoy a Close Encounter with the Dolphins

Your vacation to Costa Maya won’t be complete if you don’t experience swimming with the dolphins. With clear blue water, it is not surprising why these gentle creatures enjoy paddling through it. If you’re someone who enjoys water sports, this activity is highly recommended for you.

Have a fun and exciting cruise stopover at the port of Costa Maya by keeping these activities in mind. Just make sure to research beforehand to find out the best places to book your travel. With these in mind, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy a beautiful summer vacation in the Caribbean coastline.