Going on a Motorcycle Camping Trip? Here are the Essentials

a girl camping in the wilderness

Nothing can beat the experience of touring on a motorcycle during the day and sleeping under the stars in the night. Going on a motorcycle camping trip is the ultimate adventure for people seeking to get out into the wild.

If it’s your first time to go on that kind of vacation, you might be wondering what items you should take along with you. After all, your trip will only be as good as the equipment you bring. Camp and travel gear expert Ironhorse Gear shares the three essentials you shouldn’t forget:


Going on a road trip with your two wheels means you have the freedom to follow the road and let it lead you wherever. This, in turn, means that by nighttime, you’ll likely find yourself in the middle of nowhere. This is where a tent comes in handy, so you can set up your campsite.

Consider bringing a tent that’s good for two persons so that you’ll have more space for movement. If you can’t bring one, at least have a tarp, which you’ll have to either tie to a tree or drape over your motorcycle on one end and anchor to the ground on the other. This will provide some cover, which some people find adequate for a good night’s rest.

Sleeping bag​

This can already be considered a luxury when on the road. But some people who move around in their sleep see this as a necessity. If you want to be snug and sleeping in a tight fit, for instance, go for a single sleeping bag. Choose the material wisely, as some sleeping bags are heavier but warmer, which would be better if you’re traveling during the cold months. For some people, meanwhile, a sleeping pad is enough to provide extra cushion and insulation.

Cooking equipment​

When you go on camping, there might not be any convenience store or deli around you. So you need a portable stove, pans or pots, and utensils. These may mean extra weight, but cooking your own meals during your trip will save you a lot of money.

Preparation is essential to making sure that your motorcycle camping trip will be fun and safe at the same time. Don’t forget to plan ahead and list down all the things you need to make the most out of your vacation.