Why Include Markham City in Your Bucket List this Year?

A Canadian flag

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the City of Markham is known for its rich and diverse culture, vibrant history, advanced tech hubs, and a place where old meets new. The city boasts numerous cultural sights and world-class recreational facilities.

If you’re looking for a new place to visit—whether a family vacation or a short trip with your friends or your partner—why not add Markham to your bucket list this year? Here are some of the things you can do in this lovely city:

Go for a bike ride

Good news for cyclists, you can ride all you want regardless of the weather. You may go to Joyride 150—one of the biggest indoor bike parks in the city. It features various obstacles, long tracks, ramps, and a mountain bike trail. They also have different tracks for specific levels.

Enjoy the nightlife

Other than numerous events in the calendar, you need to experience the nightlife whenever you’re in the city. There are plenty of bars in Markham, Ontario that will serve you Toronto’s finest cuisines and drinks. For that ultimate dining and drinking experience, you can visit popular places, such as Le Cue Lounge.

Explore historic neighborhoods

Ready your cameras as you walk around the picturesque sceneries of Unionville. It’s one of the best places to visit, which dates back over 200 years. You may find it surprising how they have preserved the eclectic city all these years. Expect to see a charming neighborhood with beautiful homes, remarkable boutiques, and countless restaurants.

Another community you should visit is the Markham Village. Walk along the main street and discover different pre-historic homes that have been converted to various establishments, such as shopping strips and food joints.

Take a trip to Markham Museum

Learn more about their culture and history by taking a trip to the City’s most famous open-air museum. You’ll discover how the city has developed and the tour will take you back to 1968—when the city started to progress.

There are many other things to do in this blooming city. This place is filled with hidden gems; from recreational activity centers to hundreds of festivities you can attend to, it’s worth including on your list of travel destinations.