Why Traveling to Southeast Asia is a Must

Aerial view of beach in Sentosa island, SingaporeThe charm of Southeast Asia is infectious. You visit once, and it makes you come back again for more. Travelers spend months or even years exploring this part of the world, and it is not surprising why some of them even choose to stay for good.

Beautiful sights

Mountains in the Philippines, volcanoes in Indonesia, temples in Cambodia, and the list goes on. Wherever you want to go, Southeast Asia has something exciting to offer. It is also easy to explore some of these places as you can cross borders by bus or train.

Full of surprises

Did you know that there are beaches in Singapore, tea plantations in Malaysia and vineyards in Myanmar? Also, the world’s biggest reversible aerial tramway and the world’s longest three-rope cable car system are found in Vietnam. Expect the unexpected as you explore this territory.

Off the beaten path areas

Areas not included in the tourist trail are still common in Southeast Asia especially in areas like the southern Philippines and northern Laos. It takes adventure to a completely new level as it gives travellers the opportunity to stay in local homes and explore uncharted territories.

It is cheap

Food and beverages in Southeast Asia are generally affordable. In Vietnam, you can buy a beer for less than a dollar. You can also feast on a heavy meal in Thailand for the same price.

Good weather

Though monsoon rains and storms can hamper travel plans, those living in Southeast Asian countries still enjoy year-round tropical climate even in December. Temperatures can drop to 18 degrees, but it normally stays between 25 and 30 on good days.

Wherever you go in Southeast Asia, expect a smile from the locals. The attempts to say hello and strike a conversation can be one unforgettable experience. And the lucky ones might just be invited for a beer or two.