4 Clothing Styles Worth Knowing For Women

Simple Woman

No one’s more prepared than a well-dressed woman. This is especially relevant at school or in the workplace, wherein looking presentable usually means you’re good at organizing and managing your time. While girls shouldn’t dress up to meet other people’s expectations, it’s okay to dress up as long as it makes you feel good or confident.

Here’s a guide for those who need to know certain styles of women’s tops and bottoms:

Cold Shoulder

Verona Couture¬†notes that the cold shoulder design refers to tops such as dresses that expose the shoulders. It shouldn’t be confused with off-shoulder tops, in which the neck and collarbone parts of the skin are exposed. Because cold shoulder tops expose your shoulders, you should ideally wear strapless bras with it.


Plaid refers to a cloth made of a pattern in which lines or crisscrossed vertically and horizontally. One example would be those red Scottish skirts worn by men and women. Plaid can be used in designing tops, socks, and skirts. Plaid clothing is ideally paired with a monochromatic color because pairing plaid with another pattern like polka dots would make the look confusing.


A floral style refers to a fabric with a design evocative of flowers. For example, a floral dress would have petals or flower buds drawn in different ways. A prevalent color would likely be green for the leaves or pink for the petals, but these could vary. Floral designs are usually worn during summer, which would require them to be printed on a breezy fabric that won’t make you sweat much.


Mesh is a fabric that’s loosely woven or knitted to make it appear like there are closely-spaced holes, akin to how nets look. Mesh can be made into leggings, pants, or sleeves of tops.

It’s helpful for women to become familiar with various styles of clothing, especially if this helps them feel good about themselves. In doing so, you would get to learn when to wear and what to pair with plaid, floral, mesh, cold shoulder, and other clothing styles.