4 Surefire Ways to Build Up Excitement for Your Corporate Event

Now that we’re in the digital era, it is true that businesses aligned and shifted their marketing strategies towards this trend. Nonetheless, many would still agree that meeting your partners and customers face-to-face is unparalleled. This is what corporate events are for.

The challenge now though is how you can get people to come to your event.

1. Select a unique theme

The theme sets the mood and tone of your event. Before you hire an event styling company, choose a venue, or craft the program, you need to decide on a theme first based on the purpose of your event. Avoid overused ideas.

Come up with a fresh theme that would make your guests excited and intrigued at the same time.

2. Invite notable guests

Bryan Borzykowski of The Globe and Mail doesn’t believe in holding corporate events anymore. However, he says that inviting interesting personalities would be a great pull for the audience. He or she may conduct a talk or a workshop or perhaps have a special performance.

Nonetheless, make sure that the people that your special guest attracts are your target audience too.

3. Create a buzz offline and online

You should never ignore traditional PR efforts. Complement this with an aggressive online promotion. Make use of the different online platforms, but make sure you maximize your exposure in those platforms where most of your target audiences are.

4. Have an irresistible proposition

The first things that people would ask are, “What’s in it for me?” Free food and drinks won’t cut it. Offer them something that they could get exclusively from attending your event. Create an enticing promo or campaign to spread the word.

Nowadays, since most business dealings can be done without being in the same place, time is of the essence. If you’re holding a corporate event, have enough time to plan carefully so people wouldn’t want to miss it.