A Hairdresser’s Guide to Dealing with Undecided Customers

Some barbershop or salon clients have no idea of the intricate workings involved in giving a haircut. It may not be rocket science, but it is nothing short of an art form either. Giving a haircut is like painting. Heads serve as canvases, scissors as the paintbrush. If you identify as a barbershop Monet or a salon Van Gogh, cheer up because you are doing a good job.

To get down to business, Scissor Tech gives tips on how you must deal with undecided clients threatening the integrity of your artwork.

Show them photos.

If some clients do not know what they want, do not risk it. Provide them with a hairstyling magazine, so they can find something for you to imitate. This might mean you will have to wait until they find something that strikes their fancy but it is better than you giving them a haircut that they might not like.

Speak up.

Your clients might not know barbershop jargon so keep the lingo simple and straightforward. Your goal is to get the person sitting in your hairstyling chair to reveal as much of their personality, enough to allow you to identify just what kind of bob best suits them.

Set rules.

There is no need to be all fascist about it. You can just politely ask your client not to sleep or wear earphones or bring a noisy date while you cut away. Communication lines between the two of you should be open throughout.

A good haircut is a testament to your artistry. So own it. Who knows if it is all it takes to save the world, like good art.