Americans Spend More than $6,300 On Average for a Wedding Ring

wedding rings

Americans that plan to tie a knot not only take time to choose the perfect ring, but also spend a considerable sum especially in individual states.

The average spending on a wedding ring amounted to $6,351, according to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study. However, the numbers either become more or less expensive when each state is taken into context.

State Spending

Those in California spend the most on wedding rings at more than $10,200 on average, followed by $9,225 in North Carolina. In Utah and Vermont, people spend the lowest on a ring with just an average of $3,518 and $3,941, respectively.

Custom jewelry has become a trend as well since more people no longer just focus on finding the right precious stone for their wedding bands. If you live in New York, visiting fine jewelry stores in Long Island or Manhattan will remain a better option despite the popularity of online retail stores.

Store Shopping

According to a TD Bank survey, many still prefer to visit shops when planning to buy jewelry. The poll based its findings from a poll of 1,021 respondents and found that 59% of them only buy jewelry from a physical store. Despite the popularity of e-commerce retailers, 2% of respondents said that they buy jewelry online.

A major reason for those that shop in-store involves the chance to see the jewelry in person. Mike Rittler, TD Retail Card Services head, said that this might be unsurprising as “jewelry is very personal.” It only makes sense that you are able to see and try something on before buying it.


Depending on where you live, jewelers should take advantage of Americans’ spending habits on buying wedding rings. Many people now look for unique pieces, so businesses need to invest in equipment that will help them create customized designs.