Are You Going Hunting? Here are 3 Types of Arrowheads

A girl using a bow and arrow

The arrowhead is the tip of the arrow, the part that cuts into your target. While arrowheads are of different material, the most common ones use metal. However, there are just as competent ones made of bones or carved with stone. In fact, an experienced archer can even get away with using a sharpened stick for an arrowhead.

That said, hunting stores in Michigan like D&R Sports Center will sell arrowheads divided into three major groups. You can buy a couple to keep and replace when the one you are using stops serving you. Most of them are easily removable. Only be sure to confirm the size that fits your bow.

Target arrowheads

Most people start with target arrowheads. It has no barbs, and so the target arrowhead does not get stuck in the target. It penetrates quickly and pulls out just as well. However, target arrowheads need to be handled carefully since they can injure or even kill a person if aimed wrongly.

Blunt arrowheads

The sizes and shapes of these arrowheads vary. The design is such that they will not penetrate the target, but they will cause trauma that can either kill or paralyze the animal. The judo point is uniquely accessible to this effect. It has metal springs that control how deep the arrowhead burrows into the ground so that you do not lose it.


Broadheads are perhaps the most dangerous arrowheads in the trade. The tip is designed with three blades that cause deep wounds on their prey. Consequently, broadheads cause a lot of bleeding. They tend to be barbed so that the arrow will not fall out of the prey quickly.

With the above knowledge on arrowheads, it is easy to pick one that will work best for you. As a rule of thumb though, if you are a beginner, it is best to go with target arrowheads. Alternatively, ask for arrowheads designed to help you train from the store and graduate slowly as you hone your skill.