Don’t Smoke Your Money Away: E-Cigarettes Over Real Cigarettes

Woman smoking an e-cigarette

No doubt about it, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes grab people’s attention. This piece of machinery capable of producing tufts of sweet-smelling smoke with each puff is, after all, a hi-tech take on the traditional, not-so-fragrant version. Plus, the range of “flavours” of vaping liquid grows more varied, every day, giving e-cigarette users a world of options from which to experiment and choose.

More than that, e-cigarettes are more affordable. While the initial expense towards purchasing the machine may be steeper than smoking a few packs of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette is more cost-efficient, in the long run. Some smokers of tobacco blow up to $100 a week on cigarettes. Decent vapes, on the other hand, cost $40, while the vaping liquid costs around $10 for 10 ml. Note that a pack of cigarettes is equivalent to two ml of vaping liquid. Doing the math, that is five packs per $10 against $100 for 5 packs of tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, when you buy an e-cigarette, your savings are eventually more significant.

For these reasons, as well as the touted health reasons, today’s’ younger market of smokers prefer e-cigarettes over tobacco,

The Sweet Smell of Victory

Smokers never realise how much they spend on cigarettes. $100 or more a week can pay for rent or meet your grocery list. For vapers, they enjoy massive savings on a habit that barely harms them. For everything said about e-cigarettes, they still are 95% less harmful than their tobacco counterparts.

More importantly, the success stories of former smokers using e-cigarettes are uplifting. Jamie Hatwell kicked the nicotine habit by switching to vaping and despite having a more expensive unit, he still saved money until such time that he quit his dependence, entirely. There are stories like this one all over the world, adding to the good things that you get from vaping.

Whether as a nicotine replacement or just to satisfy your curiosity, the e-cigarette habit costs much less and smells much nicer. E-cigarettes could cause your tobacco stick habit to go up in a cloud of aromatic smoke. ​