How to Select Eyewear that Suits You Best

Family wearing sunglasses

With a plethora of eyewear options on the market, finding one that suits you perfectly is no easy feat. Eyewear frames can be attractive when on display, but not that great when you wear them.

Your face shape plays a major role in determining frames that will look good on you. Select the perfect pair of sunglasses that complement your look and match your style. These tips will help you make the right choice whether you are ordering a pair of sunglasses or in wholesale.


Different pairs of sunglasses are flattering for different kinds of face shapes. If you have a round face with full cheeks, go for frames with a square shape and sharp lines. A square face will look good with rounded or upswept glass frame shapes. Those with heart-shaped faces will look stylish in frames that are wider than the forehead. If you have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ones — almost any frame will flatter your face shape.

Skin Tone

Find glasses that complement your skin tone and hair colour. When it comes to glasses, there are only two skin tones: cool and warm. If you have a warm skin tone, go for shades of brown, gold, olive green, or light tortoise. On the other hand, colours like pink, purple, black, and silver look good on a cool skin tone.


The frames you select say a lot about your personality. Glasses that you will wear while commuting to the office are different from those that you may want to wear during a trip to the beach. It is a great idea to have a small collection of frames that can match your outfits or suit your mood.

Selecting your sunglasses skillfully will have a surprising effect that brings about harmony with the shape of your face. Now that you know the factors that influence your choice of glasses, you can now shop confidently.