Location, Location, Location: The Most Romantic Places to Propose

Man Proposing to His Girlfriend

It’s a mantra real estate agents always say, but could very well make a difference on your marriage proposal: location, location, location. The place where you’ll pop the question matters. It sets the mood for this romantic event, and more likely, will be a crucial element in your engagement story down the road. It’s important to seriously think about where to propose. Here are some ideas:

The place you first met

Were you childhood best friends? Take your partner to your village’s park or playground. Did you meet at a restaurant? Book a table there now. Was it at a friend’s house during a party? You can recreate that house party to relive that moment. This will make you and your girlfriend revel on that magic of laying eyes on each other the first time and reflect on just how you’ve gone far from that time.

This will also help you craft your wedding proposal speech, as it will be natural for you to recall the events of that first meeting. Make sure, though, that as you prepare that speech, you’re also doing your homework on the ring. AAA Jewelers recommends consulting professional jewelers. Salt Lake City experts can help you determine the right ring size for your soon-to-be fiance.

The house you bought together

This probably didn’t even cross your mind because your apartment is just too plain, too familiar, and just a mess. But it’s precisely for these reasons that should make you rethink about your house as the site of your proposal. At the backdrop of your apartment’s plainness, you avoid all pretensions of public display of affection. In the midst of familiarity of stuff in the house, your proposal creates an uncharted territory before you. And seeing all the clutter, the piles of coats in the foyer or wine stains on the couch, you take comfort at the fact that the uncharted territory that’s before you can be conquered. Your home speaks a great deal about your relationship. Use it.

The go-to dating spot

If you have a favorite hang out place, let’s say a bar or a stargazing spot on the way home, then do it there. It’s a good cover-up for your romantic agenda. It doesn’t look “too special” that will raise your girl’s suspicions, but will later on be special because of you popping the question. You can say, “I want to hang out at this place every day for the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

The place where you’ll bend the knee and pop the question is important. Consider these suggestions in your proposal planning.