The Three Types of E-Cigarettes: A Guide for Beginners

Woman smoking an e-cigarette

When you enter the world of vaping and e-cigarettes, even here in New Zealand, you can easily be confused as to where to begin. Different types of e-cigarettes, different flavours of e-liquids, and different nicotine contents can be quite much for the beginner.

To ease you into vaping, and before you move on to vape juice and nicotine content, you can begin with knowing the basic categories of e-cigarettes available in NZ.

Cigarette Look-a-Likes

For the unfamiliar to e-cigarettes, you may think of an e-cigarette as an electronic look-a-like of the cigarettes you used to smoke. These look-a-likes, however, or cig-a-likes as people call them, count as only one out of the three different categories of e-cigarettes.

You can easily pick up a cig-a-like and vape to your heart’s content because of its easy maintenance and ease of use. Cig-a-likes also come cheap, and affordability compromises certain parts of the design — in particular, the battery.

Cig-a-likes have small batteries that need recharging often. When you used to smoke heavily then, you may have to upgrade soon to ego-style e-cigarettes.

Cigar-Sized E-Cigarettes

Ego-style e-cigarettes, or vape pens and medium-sized e-cigarettes, have more vape juice tanks and larger battery capacities. These can fully satisfy heavy smokers with this kind of e-cigarettes as they can go about their day on a single charge and one tank. Ego styles have larger designs, and you have to operate the piece with a button to vape manually.

Build-Your-Own E-Cigarettes

Once you have gained more experience in vaping, you can move on to advance personal vapourisers (APVs) or mods. This last category offers a full range of control over the vaping experience. You can customise every part to your liking.

You can then vape as much as you want as long as you want to. Now that you know the three types of e-cigarettes, starting out, you can choose to settle with a cig-a-like first. You can also go with the ego-style if you used to be a heavy smoker.