Understanding People’s Love for Amusement Parks

Amusement park for families

People love amusement parks. There is no bigger understatement out there. No wonder why family amusement parks here in NJ and elsewhere tend to see steady attendance year after year. Visiting an amusement park is one excellent way of taking a family-friendly break.

But what is it that draws people to them, when people could just as easily enjoy themselves in other ways?

Fear is Good

Amusement parks tend to have attractions that use fear and thrill. Take roller coasters and really high water slides, for instance. People weirdly love being scared. There is a profound sense of euphoria once we hit safe ground after a thrilling ride. It makes us feel strong for “surviving” the experience.

Psychologists argue that this is a special type of fear. It’s a more controlled one. People love being scared if they know someone or something has the situation under control. This is where an amusement park’s safety procedures come in.

One can consider this “fake fear.” On the other hand, “real fear” involves something people have no control over. That’s what makes it worse.

A Break from the Normal

Amusement parks do not look like your regular, everyday surroundings. They have a wild array of colors, sights, and sounds that transport people into another world. Anything that’s out of the ordinary tends to be magical and fun. Whether it’s a medieval theme park, a water park, or a historical-themed park, it doesn’t matter.

People have a lot of fun in a place that provokes their imagination. It’s why children especially love going to these places. Another reason is the architecture and engineering. Amusement parks are marvels of human technical ingenuity.

Almost, But Not Quite

People don’t go to amusement parks just for the main attractions. Side activities such as typical county fair games also add to the fun. It’s in these games where people feel joy from anticipating victory. They pay for a quick game and have a chance to win something.

Win or lose, it’s a great experience. Even losing has its appeal, especially if you almost won something big. It subconsciously convinces people to try again.

For those who haven’t visited an amusement park in a while, going back is a good vacation choice.