Why Every Salon Should Have Good-Quality Thinning Scissors

hairdresser using thinning shears

Running a barbershop or salon is never accomplished sitting down. You need to actively participate in facilitating smooth operations, making sure every client receives quality services and care. That’s how you get loyal customers.

Beefing up your tool shed is one of the keys to success in this industry. Scissor Tech will agree that your barbershop or salon must have all the tools to perform quality tasks every single time. There are a lot of different scissors and other products that you need to stock up on for every different kind of purpose, thinning scissors included.

Hair Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are a common sight in salons. It gets rid of the thickness and bulk in hair, creating a nice and light outcome. It is different from regular scissors in a sense that thinning shears have one straight blade and the other, toothed blades. It is ideally for keeping the length but minimise the hair volume for a lighter feel.

Hair thinning shears have three different types: the do-it-all thinning shears, the chunking thinning shears, and the finishing thinning shears. Their distinction is quite obvious. The do-it-all type is for blending and adding texture to hair.

Chunking Shears

Chunking shears have teeth that are wide apart for a chunkier, edgier look. As for the finishing shears, they are mostly useful in adding some fine details into the hairstyle, making it more defined.

If it is quite important that your salon has thinning scissors on stock, you must also pay attention to the fact that you need high-quality ones. This will help you make every hairstyle imaginable to keep a happy and satisfied clientele. Make sure your supplier provides great-quality tools that get the job done.